Could have been worse – Lions lose 20-6

Really, what did anyone expect considering that the Lions have not won in San Francisco since 1975. They started out like gang bangers for sure, but in the end it was another double digit road loss, their 20th in a row.

This road loss thing is simply unGodly. They currently have the 4th consecutive road losses in NFL history, they have not won a road game in over two years. The most pathetic thing about this is that they already own the record at 24 which they did earlier in this decade (2001-2003) so now one has to ask themselves what the most pitiful road record in a decade is and I am pretty certain the Lions will claim that prize as well. I remember the first streak and they had a couple close games, these games have been double digit losses going back to probably the Minnesota loss (Orlovski, Safety, ring a bell) if my memory serves. How can you draft so high for so long and be this bad.

I think the players tried today, but there is just not enough talent anywhere for this thing to go anywhere. I can’t see Calvin Johnson resigning with us either. He’ll probably end up traded next year ala Roy Williams. Why would he or anyone stay here with a bit of talent when all that will happen is double and triple teams.

To show how far down the totem poll the Lions are, the 49ers are trying to break .500 for the first time in 7 years. They are mediocre at best, but the Lions are at least two touchdowns below mediocre it appears.

Next week a sub mediocre team will come to Ford Field, the Lions actually might have a chance to pull something off here but I don’t expect to see it happen, probably just another blacked out game-a fitting end to another wasted year with another record setting losing streak to try and break next year.

What a pathetic decade.