We Are That Bad

Seeing the Chicago game really made it sink in. We are this bad. I thought they might win this game, Chicago at home, no motivation for the bears. But it ended very poorly for the Lions with a double digit loss in front of their home crowd. You just can’t do that, not against mediocre teams.

I remember when the Lions went 2-14 not too long ago, so many games were close. You can’t really say that this year. We are not even close. I have no doubt in my mind that the 0-16 Lion team that started the year in 08 would beat the 2-14 Lions that finished this year. They have so many needs still, if they can get someones 1st and 2nd round picks for their first pick they should do it, they need both quality and quantity.

We need another good draft like next year, and we may win 4 or 5 games with a little luck, which would put us in the lower end of mediocre.