Upcoming Draft, will it help much?

Last year the Lions traded Roy Williams and came away with a slew of draft picks from Dallas, coupled with their own and the lack of Matt Millen at the helm, the Lions had a good, no, they had a great draft. They also only won 2 more games than they did the year before, kind of shows how bad they are. Now, the way I see it, they do not have all those picks this year, and everyone else in the league hopes to improve as well, what makes anyone think that this draft will produce more than 2 more wins?

Fact is they were damn lucky not to go winless again this year.

Trade away the #2 pick, even if Soo is available, trade it, trade it, trade it. If its a good team with a good record take their #1 and #2 pick for this year and next year. We need more talent, trade down please. We need a foundation, trade down please.

Look for the Lions to hit 4 wins next year, if they are lucky and have another good draft. I see no salvation for this team for at least 3 years, probably 5.