Lions 2010 Opener Stolen

Everyone watching the Lions 2010 opener against the Bears were wondering if the curse would kick in, and as soon as the victory celebration for the Lions began, they found a new way to lose. After what appeared to be the game winning touchdown, it was ruled incomplete because Calvin Johnson set the ball on the ground before the play was over.

The league had put an “out” in the rule, claiming that if the receiver was starting a “second act” that the play could go the Lions way, however the reviewers chose not to call Calvins setting the ball down and getting up a “second act” and claimed that it was an incomplete pass.

There was much cause for optimism at the start of the 2010 season by the press which was predicting a banner 2010 season with as many as six wins. Most of the press predicted Detroit to win the game in Chicago. However with QB Stafford getting injured in the first half, most realized that the Lions were heading toward another dismal 2 or 3 win season.

Anyone who thinks this team is not cursed need only watch this play.