Lions Loss Sets New Cursed Standards

With the Lions lost in Buffalo this weekend several new milestones have been achieved by the cursed team.
1) The Lions set a new record for consecutive road losses with 25, breaking the old record (also set by the Lions) of 24. Whats scary is the Lions did both these records within ten years (2001-2003) and (2007-2010). To lose 24 consecutive road games takes 3 years, so in the last ten years the Lions have gone over 6 years without winning a road game.

2)The Lions winning percentage for their last 50 games is around .010%. This means the Lions are averaging losing 9 out of every ten games.

3)The Lions were the first team to lose to Buffalo this year, preventing any chance of another team touching their 0-16 record. This could be a new streak if Buffalo does not win another game, since the Lions were the only victory of the St. Louis Rams last year.

Next up for the cursed Lions, the Revenge of John Kitna and Roy Williams.