Lowest Playoff Score Ever – 1970


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The first time the Lions returned to the playoffs after the Bobby Layne era was 1970. This ended a 13 year drought! 13 is not a good number especially when you already are cursed so who could have been shocked when the Lions lost to the Dallas Cowboys 5-0 in what is still the lowest scoring playoff game of all time.  Dallas went on to win the NFC Championship that year after the historic Detroit game.  Detroit would not return to the playoffs for 12 more years.

As usual in a playoff loss, the Lions and Dallas Cowboys would go in opposite directions for the next few decades.  Dallas would win its first of 5 Superbowls the next year, earning them the nickname “America’s Team”  while the Lions would win 1 playoff game during the same period, earning them the nickname “That Cursed Team”.