Bit the Dust – 1980


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The “Roar was Restored” for the first few games in 1980 when running back Billy Simms joined the club. After winning their first four games the Lions Jimmy “Spiderman” Allen did a musical version of the Queen song “Another one bites the Dust”.

This show of “Spirit” must have really enraged the curse because (as you can expect) things began to get ugly.

As the season progressed, the curse kicked in so strongly that the Lions did not even make the playoffs after their great start. Fans began singing their own lyrics to the song, “Another one beats our Butts” and once again the “Snore was Restored” for the Lions.

According to Wikipedia,  Jimmy “Spiderman” Allen is currently homeless and living in Los Angeles, California.  We certainly with him well.

Come and watch them Detroit Lions who no one seems to beat
and another one bites the dust
and another one bites the dust