25 Year Drought on Playoff Points – 1982


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Is this a mistake because the title sure sounds like a positive thing, scoring your first points in a playoff game since the Bobby Layne era.  However Detroit was not jumping with much excitement that year and with good reason.

Thanks to a strike shortened season, the Lions made the playoffs with a 4-5 record. They then lost to Washington 31-7 in the first round of the playoffs which marked the first time in a quarter century the Lions scored a point in a playoff game.  Imagine waiting 25 years to see your team score a point in the playoffs, and when they finally do, its during a blow out.  To the best of our knowledge the Lions also tied Cleveland for the least amount of wins to make the playoffs in the modern era of football, another fine achievement.

The Washington Redskins would go on that year to win their first of 3 Super Bowls in the upcoming decades while the Lions would win one playoff game during the same time frame.