Fontes Arraigned as Mickey Mouse Era Begins – 1987


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Defensive Coordinator Wayne Fontes is arrested and eventually arraigned in a Rochester Hills Courtroom on cocaine possession and two drunk driving charges. Wayne pleads not guilty and was released on $7,000 personal bond and eventually is promoted to Head Coach when then Coach Darryl Rogers is let go by the organization.

Wayne would coach the Lions from 1988-1996 and become one of the Lions most successful coaches with 67 wins (71 losses as well but hell, who’s counting).  During a Disney charity celebration  Fontes wore Mickey Mouse ears which caused a fury of jokes in Detroit such as “Fontes Thinking Cap” and “President of the Mouse David (Detroits Offensive Coordinator) Fan Club”.  At a Halloween party Fontes starting quarterback, Scott Mitchell, ridiculed him by dressing up as Wayne Fontes (wearing a Mickey Mouse hat of course) and giving fictional interviews to the press   (Fontes had just benched Mitchell during a “close” 35-7 loss to New York).

Mitchell’s humiliation of Fontes would foretell Mitchells own future, with Fontes eventually fired, Mitchell was basicly booed out of Detroit for inept play, thus ending  the Lions greatest era for the past 50 years.