Does The Press Believe in a Curse?

The more I look into the Lions and the curse, the more I find people in the press making reference to it.

This is how things go for the Detroit Lions: Being the main course for the opponent’s Thanksgiving Day feast is bad enough, and things never seem to get better. It’s a curse.-Ray Slover, Sporting News

Nobody remembers hearing anything about the Curse of Bobby Layne, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. What else could explain 50 years of Detroit Lions futility? Bad coaching, poor players, and inept management are factors, sure. And so was the dominance of division rivals like the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. But 50 years? Five consecutive decades without a championship? There must be more to it than that – and perhaps there is. - Tom “Killer” Kowalski – MLive

Nothing left to do but clip a few items for our scrapbook and hope that Bobby Layne’s curse has been fulfilled.-Absolute Michigan

Curse of the Lions locker room strikes again in Final Four - USA Today

The beginning of the “Curse” occurred when then-Lions head coach Buddy Parker was about to leave Detroit for a job with the Pittsburgh Steelers. During this time, Parker helped arrange for Layne to be traded to the Steelers in mid-season 1957. This stirred a mighty uproar with Detroit fans. – Elliot Feldman – Associated Content

I contend that no franchise has been “Cursed” as the Detroit Lions in horrific fassion.  The Lions had two guys, one a coach, and one a promising offensive lineman who were both killed while doing yardwork - Mike Stone, Detroit Radio Personality

Curses are embraced by fans and media to explain long periods of ineptitude. They’re excuses, and the Lions don’t deserve any. But nothing else makes sense with this team - Bob Wojnowski – Detroit News

1958-Year Layne was traded after helping lead the franchise to three NFL titles in the 1950s. According to legend, he remarked upon leaving for Pittsburgh that Detroit “would not win for 50 years.” Thus began the “Curse of Bobby Layne.” – Josh Slagter – Grand Rapids Press

The myth is that as Layne was leaving town after being traded to the Steelers two games into the 1958 season, he muttered: “The Lions won’t win for the next 50 years.” That supposed comment never reached print until recently. Now it is being spread, out of control, all over, repeated in national publications, a flame that cannot be doused. The imagined Curse of Bobby Layne has slipped into the media forefront because it would be a simple explanation for what is actually true. The Lions have not won diddly since 1957. – Jerry Green – Detroit News

The Curse of Bobby Layne is one of the most famous in sports history. In 1958, the Lions traded the quarterback to the Steelers. Layne prophesied that the Lions would “not win for 50 years. – Robert Booth – ESPN

By now, most NFL fans have heard about the Curse of Bobby Layne in Detroit. The Lions, who won three NFL championships in the 1950s with Layne on their team, traded their star quarterback to Pittsburgh two games into the 1958 season. Layne is famously said to have responded to the deal by declaring that Detroit wouldn’t win for another 50 years. Lions players didn’t like the trade, and Layne hated it. – Don Banks – Sports Illustrated

The 1950s were the glory years with quarterback Bobby Layne. The Lions won the league title in 1952, 1953 and 1957. Then Detroit traded him away because he was injured and they thought him likely to quit the game. But the ticked-off Layne warned that Detroit would not win for the next 50 years, and with the exception of one playoff victory, it didn’t. The drought became popularly labeled “The Curse of Bobby Layne.” – William J Sullivan -Star Ledger New Jersey

With an emphasis on team mentality, discipline, intelligent football, and a do-or-die attitude, the Lions can start turning things around this year. If they are willing to be patient and develop Matthew Stafford while building a team around him, the guy might just be able to help bring an end to the “curse of Bobby Layne”. For the sake of Lions fans everywhere, let’s hope so. – Matt Gerwitz – US Sports

31. Detroit Lions (2-14) (Last week: 31). So much for the curse of Bobby Layne lasting only 50 years. – Mike Florio – NBC Sports Final Power Rankings

Joey Harrington, a star college quarterback of unflagging optimism who foundered after the Lions drafted him with the No. 3 pick in 2002, once told me of a fog that seems to settle over inhabitants of the Lions locker room — an evil, heavy cloud of historic disappointment that becomes self-perpetuating. Maybe it’s the curse that Bobby Layne supposedly cast on this team after it traded him, saying it wouldn’t win for 50 years. – Mitch Albom – Sports Illustrated Article “Courage of Detroit”