IS THE CURSE OVER? – Yes, it expired in 2008.

IS THERE STILL AN INTEREST IN BOBBY LAYNE, THE LIONS, AND “THE CURSE” – Yes, worldwide if you want to look at who is viewing this site.
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IF THE CURSE IS OVER, WHY ARE THE LIONS SO BAD?The Lions have just been so decimated by the curse that it will take years for them to be competitive. However there are positive signs, the #1 being a very positive draft in 2009. Do that for a couple more years and we will be mediocre before you know it. The curse is a force of nature and there are precedents for this in nature. The shortest day of the year is in December, but the coldest days of the year are always January and February. Same with summer, longest day is in June yet the hottest months are July and August. It’s the same with the curse, it will linger for a bit but things will slowly improve.

IS THE OLD PAGE STILL AVAILABLE? – Yes, you can access it at http://www.curseofbobbylayne.com/index2.html however it is no longer being updated. To return here navigate to the fun category and click on the Visitor Comment Link.

DO YOU THINK THE LIONS ARE CURSED? – Without a doubt, too much death and tragedy around this team. The playoff record after Bobby Layne is the inverse of before Bobby Layne, the winning percentage steadily dropped until it bottomed out in the last year of the curse with an 0-16 mark. Too many coincidences, not enough wins. There is something wrong with this team, something very very wrong with them. Once a proud franchise, almost legendary, now a laughing stock. Thats a curse.

DID BOBBY LAYNE REALLY UTTER THE CURSE? – There is no newspaper record of it, however I heard it first from my father when I was a boy so it certainly is not a recent media hoax to sell papers. The press was different back then, most people never knew Franklin Roosevelt was confined to a wheel chair because the press didn’t report it. Babe Ruth seldom got bad press despite his after hours carousing. The fact that the press did not report it does not mean it wasn’t uttered. Bobby was upset, the quote he would “love to win a championship to shove down Detroits throat” shows he had a bitterness toward Detroit. Did he say it? My dad says he did so who am I to say differently (my dad also said the Lions used to pick Bobby up by his ankles and dunk his head in a bucket because he was so hung over from the night before which isn’t written down anywhere either).