Winning Percentage

We have divided the Lions history into era’s. We have graphed out the Lions Winning Percentage into the graph below.


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Many fans felt pretty good about the team when Barry Sanders was with them and it reflects in this chart. These good feelings created a brief rift in the curse. If you remove this era, you can plainly see that the Lions are exactly where they should be as the winning percentage continues to drop in a very linear way.


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The downward slide of the Lions would finally bottom out in the last year of the curse, 2008. The Lions would become the only team in NFL history to go 0-16 since the NFL adopted a 16 game schedule.

The Playoffs

When you take a look at the post season record of the Lions, you will notice that prior to the curse years the Lions did very well in playoff games with a 6-1 record (We do not count the Portsmouth Lions record). Now lets look at the record after the curse and their record is 1-9. Thats right folks one playoff win and nine losses since the curse. In the chart below you can see that obviously the changing point was when the curse started in 1958. In addition it took the Lions 13 years to make the playoffs after the curse and when they did they did not even score, it took another 12 years for that to happen. The curse was so strong that the Lions did not score a point in a playoff game for more than a quarter of a century! A 13 year drought to get to a playoff game and they follow that with a 12 year drought. That is not unlucky, that is cursed.


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