Everything Good Must Go Sour

This curse is truly powerful and since it thrives on negative emotion (see Rules of the Curse), it must do its best to destroy any positive feelings the Lions have had over the years. Lets examine the 4 biggest Lion highpoints since the curse began and see how ugly they ended.

Great Thing – In 1969 Joe Schmidt is honored as the Greatest Lion ever.
Turned Ugly When – Joe Schmidt is arrested for driving while intoxicated on the way home from the celebration.

Great Thing – Barry Sanders Career Rushing
Turned Ugly When – Barry Quits right before training camp during the season he was projected to set the NFL all time rushing record.

Great Thing – Billy Sims signs with Lions over USFL,
Turned Ugly When – In first year of new contract he suffers a career ending injury to his leg without even being hit.

Great Thing – Lions defeat Dallas 38 – 6 in the playoffs
Turned Ugly When – The playoff run ended in a humiliating loss to Washington the next round, 41 – 10.

You can do this with any good or great Lion moment. I remember when Mariucci was the great thing, I remember when the “run and shoot” was the great thing, I remember when Andre Ware was the great thing, I remember when Chuck Long was the great thing, Rodney Peete, Joey Harrington, Charles Rogers…They almost all end the same way, sour and ugly. Heres a couple more to look at.

Great Thing – Barry Sanders rushes for 2000 yds in one season
Turned Ugly When – Reggie Brown suffered Paralysis the same game.

Great Thing – 12 -4 Season
Turned Ugly When – Utley gets paralyzed and Eric Andolsek dies in the off season.

Go back in history and research it yourself, every good thing that happens to this team almost always ends in disaster. The curse does not want anyone or any fan to feel good very long about these Lions!